Are You Being Filmed Post-Accident?

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Tens of thousands of people are injured in accidents every year, and many of these victims file personal injury claims in order to seek compensation for their losses. In most cases, these claims are handled by insurance companies that want to settle every claim they receive for as little as possible.

For this reason, if you have been hurt, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer you can trust to handle your case. Now, more than ever, insurance companies are conducting their own surveillance for claims. They use video footage and other surveillance evidence in an effort to find evidence that victims are not as hurt as they are claiming to be or are otherwise trying to game the system. Fortunately, the representation of an experienced attorney can help protect your rights.

Is it Legal for Insurance Companies to Film You and Conduct Surveillance after an Accident?

It is legal for insurance companies to conduct limited surveillance when investigating your case’s validity. Insurance companies are always wary of and on the lookout for cases of fraud. They don’t want to pay out sums of money without being 100 percent sure that a person’s claim is worth the monetary compensation they are seeking.

From the moment you file a claim, an insurance company is allowed to conduct a full investigation. They can gather information and build a case against you if they determine that you are seeking an unfair amount. Additionally, besides limited surveillance, they are also allowed to utilize the services of a private investigator and may even start to monitor your social media accounts.

Common Cases Involving Video Surveillance

Below are a few examples of cases where insurance companies may conduct surveillance:

When Will an Insurance Company Consider Filming You and Conducting General Surveillance?

Many insurance companies will engage in some form of surveillance during the early stages of a claim. However, it’s vital to note that insurance companies are more likely to conduct surveillance during claims involving severe injuries where a settlement may involve a significant amount of money. Insurance companies have their best interests at heart, so if you have been injured, they will try and devalue or deny your claim if your claim involves substantial losses.

Can a Lawyer Defend Against Video Footage?

Contrary to popular belief, a lawyer can defend against video footage. You might believe that if the insurance company has video footage that is detrimental to your claim, you are unlikely to obtain compensation. Only a lawyer can determine if the video evidence would stand up in court and if it would adversely affect your case. Lawyers are often equipped with the skills to handle aggressive insurance companies and know the laws surrounding surveillance evidence.

When you’re facing the emotional strain and physical trauma of suffering injuries in an accident, the last thing you expect is to be put under surveillance. Unfortunately, insurance companies are using various surveillance methods – including video surveillance of claimants – more in recent years. With the help of a California car accident lawyer, you can identify how likely it will be for you to be under surveillance. Additionally, a lawyer can tell you what to look out for and the law surrounding video footage being used against you. Contact a Downey car accident lawyer today and gain some peace of mind.

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