Brain Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

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If you or someone close to you was involved in a situation that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, there are many things that you will need to know. To get everything that you deserve from a brain injury case, need to be well prepared to prove your case.

To get all your losses considered by the court, you need to look at each one and be sure that you can present a strong enough case for the amounts that you are seeking. It will ultimately come down to what the person or persons who are responsible for deciding how much you will get think about what your attorney presents to them in court.

Below are four things that are traditionally considered by the courts to be recoverable damages. The amount that each one is given depended on many factors and a good El Monte personal injury attorney will be able to help you to maximize the amount to will likely get.

4 Types of damages that can result from a Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Case

The potential loss of earnings – Loss of earnings is going to depend a lot on what you were doing before the injury and what if anything you are able to do in order to earn a living. The average loss for earnings for a traumatic brain injury is $750,000.00 (your exact amount could vary dramatically)

Medical treatment costs – With a traumatic brain injury, the medical bills are going to be the trickiest. While initial medical bills can easily be proven, but when it comes to future treatments and specialists it can be much more expensive than you know. The average loss for medical costs is about $50,000.

Pain and suffering – Pain and suffering are going to be very subjective when it comes to what the court will take into consideration. With a traumatic brain injury, it is highly likely that there will be some amount of long-term pain or loss of function in one or more areas of the body. The amount awarded for pain and suffering will depend on all factors in the case. The average damage award $750,000.00

Lifetime Care Costs – This is a cost that will be a bit difficult to access without the help of an expert and this type of expert testimony is paramount for the judge and jury to hear what they have to say. The average life care costs are usually around $350,000.00

Loss of life enjoyment or quality of life – The reduced quality of life or loss of life enjoyment is often calculated as a percentage and depending on the severity of the injury it will affect the overall loss. This often closely matches the loss of earnings, $750,000.00.

Final analysis of potential monetary recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Case

When you look at the total damages for the typical Brain Injury Personal Injury Case you can see that it is very necessary for you to work with a personal injury attorney.

Potential Loss of Earnings $750,000.00
Medical Treatment Costs $ 50,000.00
Pain and Suffering $750,000.00
Lifetime Care Cost $350,000.00
Loss of Life Enjoyment $750,000.00
Total $ 2,650,000.00

Why is it so important to have an attorney who specializes in a Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to having an attorney for your personal injury case resulting from a traumatic brain injury, it is extremely important that you have someone representing you in your case. This type of attorney will know how to handle all aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury case and ensure that you and they are prepared to go to trial. They generally have all knowledge of what type of evidence and expert testimony that it takes to get you the best recovery for all your damages.

Finding the right attorney for your case

While there are many attorneys who do claim to specialize in traumatic brain injury cases, but it is important that you find a trusted personal injury attorney that you both feel comfortable with and that you can trust to have your best interest at heart when they are handling your case. This is one of the primary factors in what type of outcome you can get.

That is why it is very important to do plenty of research and remember that you are in charge, and they should be the one have to convince you that they can get you all that you are entitled to based on your case.

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