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Truck accidents can be catastrophic. They may interfere with your life due to life-altering injuries, extensive medical bills, and even endless lawsuits. If you or your loved one are involved and injured in a truck accident in Riverside, The JLF Firm’s aggressive attorneys are ready to represent and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Attorneys for Truck Accidents in Riverside

One out of eight automotive accident fatalities involves large trucks, with four percent of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents due to large trucks. Unlike regular crashes, road accidents involving trucks can be more devastating and complicated due to the size and weight of the trucks and the regulations surrounding them.

You need our experienced truck accident lawyers in your corner to help settle and get you and your family back on your feet. We are ready to work with you in Riverside and throughout California.

Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, meaning you can trust us to fight to seek the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

How Truck Drivers Differ From Regular Car Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are different from car accidents involving passenger cars in various ways. Besides the truck’s size and weight, truck drivers are regulated by specific Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and statutory regulations.

For instance, truck drivers are not allowed to be on the road for more than 16 hours after being off duty for 10 consecutive hours. Many drivers ignore these regulations to meet deadlines or earn more.

Truck accidents also differ from typical car crashes in that:

  • Various parties can be held liable for the accident. These include the trucking company, truck manufacturer, freight company, government organization responsible for maintaining the road, and truck driver.
  • Insurance policies are larger than those for average cars. This means insurers, trucking companies, and adjusters will do their best to make the driver liable for the accident to avoid paying hefty sums. Our truck accidents at The JLF Firm are experienced in dealing with the insurance company and will make sure you get what you deserve.
  • Injuries are more devastating due to the size of the vehicles. You are likely to experience catastrophic injuries, high medical bills, or a wrongful death in the worst-case scenario.

Once you contact us, our lawyers will handle your case in Riverside effectively and relieve you of the stress of dealing with the trucking and insurance companies to maximize your compensation.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Riverside

Most causes of truck accidents are due to driver negligence as they ignore and violate commercial driving rules and laws. Some of the common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Overspeeding, especially in bad weather or unfavorable road conditions.
  • Failure to stop and inspect the truck at the sign of a malfunction.
  • Fatigue due to working extended hours or shifts.
  • Improper lane changes.
  • Following other vehicles too closely.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Poor or dangerous road conditions.
  • Failing to secure the load properly.
  • Unqualified truck drivers.
  • Poor vehicle and equipment maintenance.
  • Distracted driving, like texting while driving.

However, regardless of the cause of the accident, it’s important to seek legal help from our attorneys to help with your case.

What To Do After a Riverside Truck Accident

After a truck accident, dial 911 and seek medical attention before anything else to help with injuries and obtain a police report. An insurer may refuse your claim upon the realization that you did not seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Also, collect the truck driver’s and any other eyewitnesses’ contact information. Finally, contact your insurance company and an experienced truck accident attorney.

How long does it take to get a settlement after a truck accident?

The time it takes to get a settlement after a truck accident depends on how long it takes to: get the right documentation, negotiate with the insurance company, set court dates, and reach a court verdict.

The JLF Firm Truck Accident Lawyers in Riverside Can Help

Our attorneys at The JLF Firm help handle every aspect of your case to help you focus on recovery. Here’s how.

Determining liability

Due to the complexity of truck accidents, there is more than one responsible party to hold liable for your injuries or losses. Once you contact us, our experienced attorneys help determine all the liable parties who are the defendants in your case.

Liable parties during a truck accident include:

  • The truck driver.
  • Government entities such as those responsible for road maintenance.
  • The shipping company that loaded the cargo.
  • The trucking company.
  • The truck manufacturer.
  • Insurance company(s).

Perhaps the accident occurred due to bad road conditions. The government entity responsible for maintaining the road bears liability. The JLF Firm’s aggressive attorneys focusing on truck accidents will identify all liable parties and ensure you are compensated rightly.

Building a compelling case

After identifying the liable party(s), our attorneys can compile a claim to present to the insurance company or build a case in court. To build a case, our attorneys:

  • Investigate and collect the necessary evidence, including police reports, videos, photos, data from the “black box,” and information from eyewitnesses. We might also involve expert witnesses to help strengthen our winning strategy.
  • Gather and compile all your medical bills and expenses relating to the injury caused by the accident.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company(s) or other liable parties for a fair settlement.
  • Fight the case in court in case the liable party refuses to settle.

Handling insurance or trucking companies and building cases against themselves by yourself is not easy. These are large and well-established entities with lawyers seeking to ensure they do not pay you anything. Let our truck accident attorneys help build and handle your truck accident case.

Proving your case

Even though you are not at fault, you must prove it when making an insurance claim or presenting a case in court. You must prove that the truck driver was negligent and denied you a duty of care, which caused you or your loved one injuries, and these injuries made you or your loved one suffer damages and losses (economic and non-economic).

Our attorneys work diligently to improve your case’s standing in court or when making an insurance claim.

Reliable Truck Accident Lawyers in Riverside

You cannot rely on every truck accident attorney to help build or prove your case and get maximum compensation after a truck accident. At The JLF Firm, we have various reasons why you should let us handle your truck accident in Riverside:

  • We have a rich background and experience with trucking accidents. You can rest assured that everything will be handled in a professional, expedited, and personal manner.
  • We handle your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you owe us nothing unless we recover money for you.
  • We offer a free consultation with no obligations.
  • Effective communication. Upon your call, we promise that you will speak directly with an attorney, not a case manager or paralegal like other firms.

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