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Drivers often do not exercise the appropriate amount of care when motorcyclists are on the road. Even though cars are much bigger than bikes, there is a legal obligation for drivers to share the road. When a motorist is negligent or does not otherwise respect the motorcyclist’s safety, they can be made to pay for any harm that they caused.

How Drivers Cause Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers often do not see motorcyclists on the road, but that is still their own fault. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents:

We will review police reports, pictures of the accident scene, and witness statements to make your best case that someone else is to blame for your injuries. We work exhaustively so that it is not just your word against the driver’s.

We Help Injured Motorcyclists

At The JLF Firm, we have represented numerous injured motorcyclists and their families, aggressively fighting for their legal rights. We work with you immediately after the accident to begin to establish your right to financial compensation.

Injured motorcyclists face a number of obstacles when they are trying to obtain compensation. Oftentimes, insurance adjusters have a negative stereotype of them, thinking that they bear their own risks of getting on a motorcycle. This viewpoint has no basis in the law, and we make sure to point that out at every step of the way.

After the accident, we will work with you on filing a claim against the driver’s insurance. We will make your best case to prove that someone else was at fault if the facts lead to that conclusion. Then, we would work to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company if they make you an offer.

Working for the Best Settlement Offer

We are often asked how much the average motorcycle settlement is. Our answer is always that it depends on your own injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries, your settlement depends in part on how hard someone fights for you. The greater the impact on your life, the more you could expect for your injuries.

Jury verdicts for serious motorcycle accidents could reach well into the six figures, but the hope is that you could settle your claim without the need for a trial. We represent you in settlement negotiations with the insurance company and will give you advice on whether you should accept a settlement offer or how far below a fair value it is. We are experienced lawyers who know how to deal with insurance companies or those who try to keep you from getting what you legally deserve in your case.

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