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San Bernardino residents enjoy a number of biking trails in the Inland Empire region. Sometimes, they just want a nice day out on their bike while enjoying the year-round weather. However, San Bernardino drivers do not always have the best track record of exercising due care behind the wheel. When you or a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation, and you should speak with a San Bernardino bicycle accident attorney right away.

Bicyclists Are Never Safe from Negligent Drivers

San Bernardino County sees hundreds of bike collisions annually, and each one of these crashes has the potential to cause serious injury to the bicyclist, no matter how many precautions they take. Of course, bicyclists should follow all laws and rules of the road, but even then, they are not completely safe from negligent drivers.

Drivers cause harm to cyclists in a number of ways. These include:

  • Getting too close to cyclists when they are passing
  • Opening car doors when bikers are passing by and hitting the bikes
  • Making illegal turns that hit cyclists
  • Not paying attention and running into bikers

If they can keep up with traffic, bicyclists have every legal right to be on the road. Drivers must give them at least three feet of space when passing and can only enter bike lanes under limited circumstances. Otherwise, motorists owe bicyclists a duty of care the same as they would anyone else on the road. When they breach this duty, they can be made to pay financial compensation.

Financial Compensation After a Bicycle Accident

As an injured bicyclist, you have two legal challenges after your accident:

  • Proving that someone else was the cause of your injuries
  • Getting fair compensation for the harm that you suffered

This is why you need to contact a bike accident lawyer as soon as you can after your injury. While you are able to focus on getting care and treatment, we go to work for you. The first challenge that injured bicyclists often face is dealing with the insurance company that is trying to protect themselves. They may try to trick you or use other underhanded tactics to avoid having to pay the full value of your claim. The good news is that we handle this for you, protecting your legal rights when the insurance company threatens them.

We will work on your behalf as you try to reach a settlement agreement, negotiating with the insurance company to obtain more for you. When their settlement offer is low, we will tell you and will present your demand to the insurance company. If we cannot reach a deal on your behalf, we will take your case to court. We commit to being tenacious and tireless as we work for you.

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