When Should You Worry about a Dog Bite?

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When a vicious and dangerous dog bites a human being, serious injuries can result, many of which will require extensive medical treatment. In some cases, these injuries can even be permanent, such as with a scar that develops after a dangerous dog bites a person.

If you have suffered one or more injuries in a dog attack, you should be concerned and seek prompt medical treatment for your injuries. Even if you are not sure as to the nature and extent of your injuries, it is still a good idea to get checked out. After all, an untreated injury can become much worse if you do not seek proper medical care in a timely manner.

In addition to seeking the treatment that you need following a dog bite incident, it is important that you talk to a California dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to determine your eligibility for filing a claim and could assist you throughout the entire process. For example, a lawyer could negotiate with the dog owner’s insurance company on your behalf, and if necessary, file a personal injury lawsuit in the court system if the insurance company refuses to compensate you appropriately.

Dog Bite Injuries 

When a dog bites or otherwise attacks a person, serious injuries can happen. A dog bite could leave deep marks, as well as lacerations and gashes on the attack victim’s body. In some instances, the victim may need to have his/her wound stitched or may even need to undergo a surgical operation. At other times, the dog might knock the person to the ground during the attack, resulting in a serious head injury, broken bone, or soft tissue injury. Young children and elderly individuals are especially susceptible to falls that occur during a dog attack.

As soon as possible after a dog bite injury, you should treat at a hospital emergency room or urgent care facility. The healthcare provider who is on duty there will be able to assess your condition and make recommendations for any follow-up treatment that he or she deems necessary. You should also be sure to follow through with that recommended treatment. Otherwise, the dog owner’s insurance company might be skeptical of your injuries or assume that your claimed injuries were not all that serious.

Strict Liability Statute

The State of California follows strict liability laws when it comes to dog bites and attacks. This means that a dog owner could be responsible for injuries sustained in an attack even if the dog never exhibited aggressive tendencies before or attacked anyone in the past. 

After a California dog bite attorney files a claim with the insurance company, the bite victim could recover compensation for his or her related medical expenses, lost wages, mental distress, inconvenience, and pain and suffering.

A knowledgeable El Monte dog bite lawyer in your area will be able to negotiate with the dog owner’s insurance company on your behalf, and if necessary, litigate your case to a prompt conclusion in the court system. Give us a call today for a consultation of your case.

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