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It is not just a slip and fall injury lawyer’s scare tactic to tell you that you can literally be hurt walking anywhere. After all, you are probably reading this after you suffered an injury, so you understand what we are talking about. From dangerous store aisles to debris to cracked sidewalks, property owners often do not uphold their duty of care to those who come onto their premises. They can be made to pay for that, and a Downey slip and fall attorney can help.

Protect Your Legal Rights in a Slip and Fall Case

There is a fine line between your being clumsy and someone else being negligent. Of course, when you have fallen and been injured on someone else’s premises, the defendant and their insurance company will try to blur this line. When you have an experienced and strong attorney on your side, you will have a voice that will keep these people from violating your rights.

The gray area in which slip and fall defendants operate is that not every single accident is automatically someone’s fault. This is especially true in a slip and fall case. There are some times when you can fall and be injured, and it is simply an accident where nobody is to blame.

However, there are also times where the defendant’s carelessness is responsible for their injuries. When that happens, they can be made to pay you damages that include:

However, proving negligence often involves recreating the scene of the accident and showing what the property owner knew or should have known. This requires someone who has the skill of gathering evidence and mastering the facts in your case. It is only when you can show what the property owner did or did not do that you could argue that their actions were unreasonable and negligent.

We Fight for You to Receive Top Dollar

Your compensation does not depend on the average slip and fall settlement. Instead, it is based on how much you have suffered. When you hire us, we will review your medical records and other evidence of your damages to give you an idea of what we think your case is worth.

Ultimately, if you can prove that someone else was responsible for your injuries, your check would depend on how well you could negotiate with an insurance company or persuade a jury of what you deserve. This is where the insurance company has a built-in advantage because they know the value of your claim to the penny, and this is their business. However, at The JLF Firm, this is our business too, and we level the playing field for you.

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