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As a California personal injury attorney and the founder of the JLF Firm, Mr. Fayngor always knew that he wanted to fight for the rights of injured victims. Those people who were hurt through the negligence of others, only to be later told they were not hurt enough or their life was not valuable enough to warrant fair compensation. During his time at Whittier Law School, Mr. Fayngor worked at multiple personal injury based law firms, learning his skill and advocating on behalf of injured clients.

Attorney Jeff Fayngor founded the JLF Firm as part of his mission to provide top-notch legal services to personal injury victims. Our belief is that our personal injury lawyers in California give the best service when we go the extra mile for our clients, and not just in fighting for your legal rights. The JLF Firm helps personal injury clients in a diverse range of practice areas, holding the insurance company accountable when they try to underpay you.

With offices in Downey, El Monte, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Pomona, scheduling a free consultation is convenient and easy.

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At The JLF Firm, we understand that following an accident, money may be tight. Medical bills, co-pays, insurance payments, property damage, and financial losses related to missing work can quickly add up. The last thing you want to think about while trying to recover from your injuries is “how am I going to afford an attorney.” That’s why the California personal injury lawyers at the JLF Firm offer their clients a no recovery, no fee guarantee.

What this means is that you pay us no money upfront and unless we successfully recover money for you, you don’t owe us a dime. Said another way, if we don’t win‚ you don’t pay. At The JLF Firm, we firmly believe that we should be rewarded only when we’ve obtained compensation for our client. Our compensation is tied to our performance‚ so you know we’re working hard to get you the money you deserve.


Auto Accidents Icon
Auto Accidents
Car accidents present legal issues, and we can help you prove liability and secure adequate compensation.
Motorcycle Accidents Icon
Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcyclists can suffer serious injuries in crashes because they have little to protect them in an accident. 
Truck Accidents Icon
Truck Accidents
Trucking companies often cut corners to make money, and we can hold them accountable when their driver injures you.
Bicycle Accidents Icon
Bicycle Accidents
Our California injury lawyers represent bicycle accident victims when they have been injured in accidents with motor vehicles.
Pedestrian Accidents Icon
Pedestrian Accidents
Serious pedestrian accidents are increasing both in California and nationwide, and we can help.
Dog Bites Icon
Dog Bites
California imposes strict liability on dog owners when their pet bites you, and you can file a claim against their homeowners insurance.
Slip/Trip & Falls Icon
Slip/Trip & Falls
Injury-causing falls are very common, but the insurance company makes slip and falls cases hard for fall victims.
Uber Accidents Icon
Uber Accidents
You can file an insurance claim when you have been injured in a rideshare accident.
Wrongful Death Icon
Wrongful Death
A family can file their own personal injury lawsuit to compensate for their damages when they have tragically lost a loved one.


The Personal Injury Case Process

Here is how the California personal injury lawyers at The JLF Firm will handle your case:

  1. We will review your case and advise you of your legal options in a free consultation.
  2. We investigate your case, gathering the evidence that you need to prove that someone is responsible.
  3. You will get the medical treatment you need, both to fully recover and to give you the documentation you need to pursue your case.
  4. We will prepare your claim to file with the insurance company or a lawsuit to file with the court.
  5. We negotiate with the insurance company, pressuring them to raise the offer that they make to you.
  6. We can reach a settlement agreement that ends your case, paying you what you deserve in financial compensation.
  7. If our personal injury lawyers cannot reach a settlement agreement on your behalf, we will take the case to trial.

Why Hire The JLF Firm?

Why Hire The JLF Firm
  • We offer free no-obligation consultations, where you can discuss your case with a lawyer and learn more about whether you have a strong claim and the legal path forward.
  • We have a track record of obtaining settlements and jury verdicts for our clients who have suffered personal injuries, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice.
  • We provide you with excellent service, including arranging for vehicle repair or replacement and finding you the medical treatment that you need.
  • We provide you with compassionate legal services, doing our best to put ourselves in your shoes and understand what you are going through during a difficult time.
  • We do not ask you for any money upfront, nor do we send you bills while your case is pending. We are only paid if you win your case.


Get in touch with us today to get started with your FREE case review. We’re only a call, click, or short drive away.