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Van Nuys is a great place to live and work, but like any city, it is not without its injury risks. Anytime you walk across a parking lot, go for a bike ride, or drive to work, you are at risk of being in an accident and suffering serious injuries.

A personal injury can suddenly disrupt your life, including causing physical, financial, and mental losses and stress. If another person or party caused your accident and injuries, they should then have liability to cover all your losses. You need to proactively seek the compensation you deserve, and this can be a challenging process.

When you are undergoing medical treatment and adjusting to life with your injuries, the last thing you need is to deal with frustrating insurance communications, low offers, or filing a personal injury lawsuit. You should allow an experienced Van Nuys personal injury lawyer to handle this process for you.

Our legal team stands up for the rights of injury victims, so please contact us for more information today.

Cases We Handle

Personal injury claims arise from many different types of accidents, and each case will have its own unique questions and circumstances. Our law firm regularly handles the following cases, among others.

Auto accidents

According to the National Security Council (NSC), about 4.5 million people received medical evaluations following car accidents in a recent year. Car accidents cost the United States $463 billion each year, and the losses of victims go well beyond monetary losses. Serious injuries from traffic crashes can result in long-lasting pain and suffering, permanent impairments, and other effects on your life.

There are many causes of car accidents, including:

If another driver was negligent and caused you injuries, our law firm can help you pursue the compensation that you deserve by filing insurance claims or an injury lawsuit if needed.

Truck accidents

Large commercial trucks are some of the most dangerous vehicles on the highways due to their size and weight. However, these trucks and the people who drive them are integral to our economy, and these vehicles are not going anywhere soon. When a truck crashes, it can cause devastating damage and injuries to other vehicles and motorists.

Truck crash claims are often more challenging and complex than regular car accident cases. This is because there are many possible causes and liable parties that could be implicated in your claim. We regularly file claims against truck drivers, trucking companies, cargo loaders, and more.

Motorcycle accidents

California is the perfect place to ride a motorcycle, and many people do so on a regular basis. Whether your motorcycle is your primary form of transportation or only comes out for weekend entertainment, you are at risk of sustaining serious injuries in a crash.

When a car, truck, or SUV hits a motorcycle, the motorcyclist has very little protection and often suffers multiple traumatic injuries. Helmets reduce the chances of head trauma, but they cannot completely protect from brain injuries. Motorcyclists often have extensive losses and long recovery times following an accident, and we are ready to hold any negligent drivers accountable for you.

Bicycle accidents

Cycling is a great sport, and you can see cyclists all around town in Van Nuys. Unfortunately, while you are enjoying your ride, you also might get hit by a car or otherwise injured in a bike accident.

Many drivers are negligent when it comes to cyclists, and they fail to properly “share the road.” When a driver fails to use proper care, they should be fully accountable for all the injuries and losses the cyclist sustains. If you are an injured cyclist, you should discuss a possible bike accident claim with our attorneys.

Pedestrian accidents

There are strict rules for pedestrians, cars, and right-of-way in California, and all drivers should know and follow them. That said, drivers make mistakes and drive carelessly, and they might crash into someone walking. Pedestrians often suffer catastrophic injuries in accidents, and they should not be responsible for their own medical bills and other losses.

Distracted driving is a major cause of pedestrian crashes, as is impaired driving. These accidents also occur when drivers fail to follow the rules at intersections or crosswalks. Such drivers – or their insurance companies – should have to pay for all the losses and damage they cause to people walking in the Van Nuys area.

Dog bites

California families love their dogs. However, dogs are unpredictable animals, and they can feel threatened or triggered and react by biting someone. In California, the law holds dog owners liable for harm caused by their pets, whether or not they knew the dog might bite someone. California no longer follows the “one-bite” rule, which gave dog owners a free pass when it came to liability for the first bite by a dog.

Dog bites can result in serious injuries, disfigurement, and possible life-threatening infections and diseases. The cost of treatment can be high, and dog owners and their insurers should cover all of the injury-related losses of victims.

Uber accidents

Rideshare accidents are often more complicated than other types of car accidents. This is because Uber’s corporate policy might come into play, and victims often must file multiple insurance claims against multiple parties.

Uber drivers are often distracted, fatigued, and otherwise stressed, and they do not need any type of special license or training to drive a rideshare vehicle. This can often lead to mistakes and crashes that injure Uber passengers and others on the road.

Slip and falls

Slip and fall accidents might not sound like serious incidents. After all, many people slip, fall, brush themselves off, and carry on with their days. Others, however, are not nearly so lucky. Instead, they might suffer serious brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractures, soft tissue injuries, and more.

When a slip and fall happens due to the negligence of a property owner, they should be responsible for paying all your medical bills, lost income, and other losses. Property owners often try hard to avoid liability, so these claims can become challenging quickly.

Wrongful death

While millions of people suffer injuries each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 173,000 people die from unintentional injuries each year. The leading causes are motor vehicle accidents, falls, and accidental poisoning.

When you receive a call that your close family member passed away for preventable reasons, it is natural to want justice. You also might incur serious financial and emotional losses as a result of the tragedy. The law gives you the opportunity to financially recover by filing a claim for wrongful death.

Close family members such as spouses, children, and parents can recover damages for wrongful death. The leading causes of this type of claim include:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Falls
  • Defective product accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Violence

Sometimes, the person responsible will face criminal charges. This is not a substitute for wrongful death claims in civil court. Families should work with an experienced wrongful death attorney to obtain the justice they deserve.

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to finding a Van Nuys personal injury lawyer, you certainly have options. A Google search will return millions of results, and how do you know the right one to choose? There are some factors to consider:

  • Has the attorney handled cases like yours?
  • Has the law firm had successful results for clients with similar injuries?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the attorney’s communication style?
  • Is the attorney willing to go to court if necessary, following an insurance claim?

You should prepare a list of questions before your free consultation, so you do not forget anything. There is no obligation to hire us after your initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by meeting with us and learning more about our firm.If you choose to hire our team, you will owe us nothing up front. We can also cover the litigation costs of your claim up front, and you pay no fees if we do not win compensation for you.

If you need to bring an insurance claim for an injury, you want the right firm on your side – one that will do everything in its power to obtain full compensation for you. We know how insurance companies work, and we can pursue a claim for you.

Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch

At the JLF Firm, we handle personal injury cases in the following areas:

  • Van Nuys car accident lawyer
  • Van Nuys truck accident attorney
  • Van Nuys motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Van Nuys slip and fall attorney
  • Van Nuys dog bite lawyer
  • Van Nuys bicycle accident lawyer
  • Van Nuys Uber and Lyft accident lawyer
  • Van Nuys pedestrian accident lawyer
  • Van Nuys wrongful death lawyer
  • Van Nuys worker’s compensation lawyer

When you have been hurt in an accident, you have one chance to get it right when it comes to obtaining financial compensation. Increase your odds by hiring an award-winning personal injury lawyer for your case.

Proving Negligence in Your Accident Case

Part of proving negligence is that you show that someone else acted unreasonably in events that caused your injuries. This could involve reconstructing the scene of your accident to show exactly what happened, and it is not an easy undertaking, especially when you are dealing with the physical and emotional after-effects of the accident.

You will need help in telling your side of the story. The first place where you may need to give an account of your accident is to the insurance company. At the JLF Firm, we go to bat for our clients when they are faced with the difficult and intimidating claims process. Everything about the insurance process seems skewed against the little guy. However, when you come to the table with an aggressive and passionate attorney, the insurance company will have to take you seriously and will not be able to get away with lowballing you.

Not every personal injury claim will end with a settlement. There are times when your case must go to trial because the other side will simply not agree to pay for the damage that they caused. When that happens, we are gloves-off litigation counsel ready to fight for you in the courtroom.

As your personal injury lawyers, we are your guide to the legal process. We commit to explaining everything to you along the way in detail and in terms that you can understand. We try to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes with our long record of working for accident victims.

Personal Injury FAQ

If you are facing a personal injury claim, there’s a lot to consider, and the answers to some of the most common FAQs can help you proceed with greater confidence and purpose.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

There are many good reasons for hiring and working closely with an experienced personal injury attorney after being injured by someone else’s negligence, but the most important include:

  • The insurance system is not set up to support your best interests, and the insurance rep in charge of your case is well prepared to take advantage of your vulnerability after being injured in an accident that was caused by their client’s negligence.
  • Obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled is pivotal to your ability to follow the path toward your fullest recovery, and the best way to accomplish this is with a dedicated personal injury attorney in your corner.
  • Typically, personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they shoulder the financial risk involved. Your attorney won’t get paid the prearranged percentage of your total compensation until you accept a settlement that you negotiate with the insurance company or until the court awards you compensation (if your claim ultimately proceeds to trial). In other words, you can afford an experienced personal injury attorney.

How Can I Help Protect My Personal Injury Claim?

It is difficult for many accident victims to understand that the insurance company that is paid to cover their damages is not on their side. In fact, the insurance company’s primary motivation is accelerating its own profits. As such, taking all of the following steps can help:

  • Seeking immediate medical attention after the accident in question and following your doctor’s advice carefully is not only what is best for your health but is also what’s best for your claim. The insurance company is looking for evidence that you are not as injured as you say you are (and therefore require less compensation), and your careful attention to your health and recovery sends a strong message otherwise.
  • After being injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence is a good time to give social media a hard pass. It’s too easy to give the wrong impression on social media, and we have all had a post or two that didn’t hit its intended mark. The insurance company is looking for any way that it can find to discredit your claim. That picture of you enjoying a margarita on the beach, for example, isn’t in keeping with the seriousness of the injuries you’ve suffered.
  • Declining to provide the insurance company with a formal statement is your right, and it is one you are well-advised to exercise. The insurance rep on the other end of the line is very experienced at coaxing claimants into making statements that inadvertently hurt their own claims. Your accomplished personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What Kind of Evidence Should I Collect at the Scene of the Accident?

Your personal injury claim will be predicated on evidence that comes from the scene of the accident that leaves you injured. This means that – if you are able – collecting all of the following at the accident site can help bolster your claim:

  • Pictures and videos that capture the accident’s aftermath from every angle and any extenuating circumstances that may have contributed to the accident, such as bad weather, impediments to a clear view, a poorly maintained roadway, and more (if the accident was a traffic accident)
  • Pictures of any evidence that may have been left on the road, such as skid marks (if the accident was a traffic accident)
  • Eyewitness statements and contact information
    Your own brief recounting of exactly how the accident happened (your memories are likely to become jumbled in the stress and upheaval that follows the accident)

If you are unable to gather the evidence on your own, it is very likely that someone at the scene will step in on your behalf.

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If you suffered injuries due to another party’s negligence, you should not wait to reach out for a free case evaluation by our legal team. Our Van Nuys personal injury attorneys at The JLF Firm do not back down in the face of insurance companies or in court, and we are prepared to help you.

The choice of an injury lawyer is a personal one, but we would love to discuss your situation with you following an injury. Contact us online to learn more about our services and how we might help.

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