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One motorcycle accident that occurred in El Monte illustrates some of the dangers that motorcyclists face on a regular basis. A driver pulled into a motorcyclist’s path at the intersection of Peck Road and Lower Azusa Road when they made an illegal left turn. The motorcyclist died in the ensuing crash, and the driver fled the scene of the accident.

This is a common type of motorcycle accident. Drivers are either careless or overly aggressive, and it costs motorcyclists their well-being and sometimes their lives. While it is often difficult for drivers to see motorcyclists in their blind spots, they still have a legal obligation to exercise reasonable care.

Bikers have every right to be on the road. Regardless of anyone else’s perception of motorcycles, they are fully legal, and you have the exact same legal rights as anyone else if you are injured. If a driver caused you injuries, contact an El Monte motorcycle accident attorney right away.

Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Motorcyclists pay a heavy price from driver negligence. Sometimes, it does not matter how careful the motorcyclist is or how much safety equipment they have. The mere fact that they have little protection from the impact of the car or hitting the pavement will cause serious injury. In fact, according to the NHTSA, approximately 80% of motorcyclists are killed or injured in a crash. Most times, this is not an accident that bikers walk away from unscathed. Motorcyclists could suffer the following injuries in a crash:

The most common of these injuries is one to the head. This could range from a concussion to permanent brain damage. Either way, the costs associated with this injury could be considerable. In the meantime, chances are that your injury is serious enough to cause you to miss significant time from work.

We Do the Hard Legal Work So You Can Focus on Your Health

When the worst happens, you and your family are preoccupied with physical health and medical care. You have little ability to deal with much else. However, the time clock for a lawsuit begins to run the moment of your accident. In addition, the insurance company that may be on the hook for a large settlement is hard at work trying to limit its own liability. You need someone in your corner to look out for you when you are tending to yourself.

At The JLF Firm, we handle the details and the hard work associated with your claim. We are experienced lawyers who can represent you at all stages of the claims and lawsuit process, explaining your legal options to you so you can make informed decisions. You can rest assured that the insurance company has skilled lawyers of their own, making one an absolute must for you.

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