Living with a Serious Motorcycle Injury

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Riding a motorcycle can be an extremely enjoyable experience. However, motorcycle operators and their passengers are prone to serious injuries. This is mainly because motorcyclists have very little protection when they are out on the road. Unlike the occupants of cars and trucks, cyclists do not have a protective outer shell that surrounds them in case of an accident.

If a rider falls off his/her bike, the rider could make direct contact with the ground and suffer serious injuries as a result. Even though most motorcyclists wear helmets when they are on their bikes, helmets can crack, and serious head injuries can result from a direct impact with the ground.

In some cases, especially where broken bones and/or head injuries are involved, motorcycle accident injuries can be permanent. This means that the accident victim will have to live with their injury for the remainder of their life. Fortunately, permanency is legally compensable in California.

If you have suffered injuries in a California motorcycle crash, your first step should be to obtain medical treatment at an urgent care facility, such as a hospital emergency room. Your next step after seeking medical treatment should be to retain a lawyer to represent you throughout your personal injury case. Your attorney could assist you with filing a claim or lawsuit and pursuing the necessary damages for your motorcycle accident injuries.

Serious Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are several types of serious injuries that a motorcyclist could suffer in an accident. The injuries sustained will depend upon the circumstances of the accident and whether or not the cyclist lands on the ground or strikes another vehicle in the accident.

Common motorcycle accident injuries include traumatic head injuries, bone fractures, cuts and scrapes, abrasions, soft tissue injuries, and spinal cord injuries.

Many of these injuries can lead to further complications. For example, a cyclist who suffers a traumatic head injury might have memory problems for the remainder of his or her life. Similarly, even after a doctor repairs a broken bone, the accident victim could still experience swelling and pain well into the future.

When a cyclist suffers a permanent injury, they might also need to receive regular treatment or undergo periodic medical procedures in order to live with their condition.

Compensation for Motorcycle Injuries

Victims of motorcycle accidents who suffer serious injuries may receive various forms of monetary compensation. First of all, your attorney will need to prove the legal elements of your case, including that the accident and your injuries resulted from negligence. Motor vehicle operator negligence could include any of the following:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way to a motorcyclist when it is appropriate to do so
  • Engaging in distracted driving (such as by texting or calling without using a hands-free Bluetooth device)
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Victims of motorcycle accidents can receive compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Compensation for pain and suffering includes damages for mental distress, emotional anguish, permanent loss of use, and even for the inability to enjoy life. An experienced Riverside motorcycle accident lawyer can help you prove your case and recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for assistance in your case.

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