Which Doctor to See After a Car Accident in California

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After a car accident, most people get overwhelmed and confused about what they should do next. Victims might sustain obvious, serious, instantaneously apparent harms, while others may develop symptoms hours, days, or months later.

If you’re involved in a car crash in California, it’s in your best interest to seek immediate attention from a healthcare provider for a thorough checkup. Also, it’s easy to think that you’re fine, but you may have severe yet invisible injuries that could deteriorate without treatment. Prompt medical care after the incident can boost your chances of securing compensation.

Understandably, you may not be in the best physical and mental space to pursue compensation from the liable party. But a reliable Downey car accident attorney at The JLF Firm can protect your rights and facilitate the claim.

Types of Doctors You Might See Following a Car Accident

The healthcare practitioner to visit following your car accident will depend on the severity and nature of your injuries. Generally, you should see a healthcare provider who can see you promptly and has the resources to diagnose and treat the trauma an examination reveals.

Here are the recommended people to consult with following a car accident:

Emergency medicine physician

If the crash has caused serious bodily harm, you must head straight to the local hospital’s emergency department. This section has ER (emergency room) specialists focusing on stabilizing and treating patients with acute health concerns or traumatic injuries.

Primary care physician

It’s also possible to walk away from the accident scene without immediately noticeable harm. But in this case, make sure you schedule a visit to your primary care physician for a comprehensive evaluation. If this isn’t possible, you should seek attention from the urgent care unit.

If the crash left you with joint or bone injuries, including fractures or dislocations, your primary care physician or healthcare provider might refer you to an orthopedist. These specialists focus on treating neck injuries, fractures, and back injuries.


You might require a neurologist’s attention if you suffered a traumatic spinal cord or brain injury resulting from the crash. This is a physician focused on treating injuries or conditions related to the central nervous system, including the brain and the spine.

The urgent care and emergency departments offer excellent initial assessments and injury treatment options. But you may require physical therapy and follow-up care to address lingering issues. Be sure to heed all the follow-up care recommendations your doctor gave you.

Why Should You Seek Immediate Medical Attention?

Immediately after the crash, it’s easy to think you’re okay. But don’t ignore it.

Here are the leading reasons to seek medical attention, no matter how minor the injuries may seem.

Injuries are not always visible

A road accident can trigger a fight or flight reaction, which releases adrenaline. At this moment, you may not be aware of your injuries. You’ll only realize the full extent of the harm when the hormone wears off, and the shock has gone. Furthermore, accidents sometimes cause severe yet invisible injuries that could deteriorate without treatment.

Doctors know what to check for those involved in car accidents, and they’re best placed to verify your safety and the level of harm.

You need your doctor’s evidence and notes for insurance claims

Seeking immediate medical attention after an accident can speed up your pursuit for compensation. Your insurance provider will know that you’ve been injured in a car accident and that you’re following the proper process of resolving your claim.

Cost verification

Part of submitting a personal injury claim involves verification of the costs resulting from the crash. Your insurance provider may cover your medical and automobile expenditures, so there’s no harm in doing the right thing. After all, you won’t get compensation if you can’t prove that you incurred costs due to the incident.

Ideally, you should also visit specialized physicians for specific evaluations.

What Happens If You Do Not Seek Medical Attention?

As you’ve already learned, failing to see a healthcare specialist could leave you with much discomfort. You’ll not know the full degree of the harm you suffered.

Besides the health concerns, failing to participate can also jeopardize your personal injury claim. Being a profit-focused business, your insurance provider will do everything to undermine the injuries and avoid paying the deserved sum. When you fail to visit your doctor in good time, you’ll have lower chances of winning the claim.

Typically, California doctors and car accident lawyers collaborate on personal injury claims, so it’s easy to establish a viable claim. But if you don’t take prompt action, filing the claim will be more demanding, and the case may fail to conclude on time.

Clearly, you have every reason to participate. So don’t hesitate to speak with a healthcare specialist and an experienced personal injury attorney.

Who Pays Medical Bills after a Vehicle Accident?

Generally, the entity or person that’s liable for the crash will take care of your medical payments. If a negligent party caused the accident, it’ll be their liability or that of their insurance provider.

The number of individuals liable for the incident will pay a plaintiff’s medical bills, including the plaintiff themselves, if they are wholly or partially responsible for their injury.

Proving liability is the most complex part of the case. Therefore, you must partner with a reputable attorney after you’ve sought treatment. This way, you may not end up paying for losses and harm caused by another party’s negligence.

Let A Reputable Attorney Handle Your Case

California laws offer multiple legal avenues for those seeking compensation for car accident injuries. But getting the deserved remedy can be challenging. Besides requiring ample recovery time, you may not be in the right shape to handle aggressive insurance providers.

An attorney can simplify your work, protect your rights, and gather sufficient evidence to support your claim.

Our team has years of experience dealing with car accident claims. The JLF Firm will fight for your proper compensation. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

Car Accident Injury FAQs

Should I see a doctor even if I don’t feel hurt?

Yes. You must visit your primary care provider for an elaborate checkup for hidden injuries.

Who will pay for costly specialized treatment?

Don’t be discouraged by expensive specialized treatment. The party responsible for your injuries or your insurance provider can cover all these costs. Your attorney can guide you on the right people to consult with.

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