Downey Car Accident Lawyer

Every piece of advice that you read tells you to drive defensively at all times. No matter what you do behind the wheel, you cannot control the actions of other drivers. They may care little about your safety; either they are actively disregarding your well-being, or they are simply being careless.

A negligent driver has a legal obligation to pay when their actions have injured you. First, you need to go through the claims process. Hiring an attorney allows you to present the most effective claim possible. Call The JLF Firm to speak to a Downey car accident lawyer today.

Causes of Car Accidents in Downey

Drivers are not expected to be perfect. However, they are expected to exercise the care that a reasonable driver would under the circumstances. Any carelessness, or failure to follow traffic laws, would generally be considered negligence. It is up to you to prove exactly what the driver did to cause the accident. Otherwise, you may not be entitled to a settlement check.

Some examples of behaviors that may be considered negligence:

  • Traveling above the posted speed limit or too fast for the specific circumstances
  • Making an illegal lane change or failing to check blind spots beforehand
  • Taking eyes off the road to send a text or check social media
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way when required by law
  • Getting behind the wheel when fatigued

You may not need to prove that the driver was actually on their phone or falling asleep at the time of the accident, although it may help your case. You would just need to show that their actions were negligent, such as when they swerved out of their lane or rear-ended the car in front of them.

Does It Cost Anything to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Personal injury lawyers do not generally work for free (although they will if you do not win your case). The personal injury law system structures a lawyer’s compensation to make it easy for you to get the legal help that you need.

In other types of legal cases, you may need to write the lawyer a check at the time you hire them to cover future bills. You do not have to do that when you are hiring a car accident lawyer. You would sign a representation agreement that promises to pay the lawyer only if you win your case. Then, your lawyer would be entitled to the percentage of your case proceeds that is specified in the representation agreement. They will not ask you to pay them out of your own pocket at any time during the case.

The contingency fee system allows you to get legal help even when times may be financially difficult for you.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Downey

There are several things that you must do after you have been hurt in a car accident:

  • Get the medical help you need to diagnose and treat your injuries, both to take care of your health and help your legal case
  • Hire an experienced attorney to handle your legal case and work for you to get compensation
  • Gather the necessary documentation that you may need to file an insurance claim

There are many things that you need to take care of that cannot wait, even though you are going through a difficult time. Thankfully, you do not need to get involved in the details of your legal case once you hire an experienced car accident lawyer. Our legal help frees you up to worry about your health and handle other crucial details.

How The JLF Firm Can Help You After a Crash

In every car accident case, you are dealing with one or more insurance companies. Whenever an insurance company is involved, you need a champion and a protector. The insurance company thinks nothing of padding their own profits at your expense. It is the way that they have been doing business since practically the beginning of the insurance business centuries ago. We stand up for you when you need us the most.

Our Downey personal injury lawyers can do the following in your case:

  • Investigate what happened and gather evidence
  • Prepare your claim or lawsuit
  • Work with experts to estimate the value of your damages
  • Doggedly fight for you to get the most possible money
  • Take your car accident case to court if necessary

It is difficult for you to perform any of these tasks on your own, let alone handle an entire case, especially when you are up against a well-funded insurance company. Their entire apparatus is focused on defeating you in any way that they can.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in Downey

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