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Southern California is one of the more difficult places to drive in the entire country. Between the congestion on the highways, the presence of tourists, and deteriorating roads, there are numerous dangers to motorists and their passengers.

Perhaps the biggest danger of all comes from other drivers. No matter what you do to stay safe, someone else’s mistake or bad day could have a permanent impact on your life. When that happens, the law allows you to recover financially for your injuries. Before you get a check, you must go through an entire legal process to both establish your right to compensation and collect the right amount. You want the help of a Downey car accident lawyer you can trust.

How a Car Accident Affects You and Your Family

Each year, thousands of people are killed or injured in vehicular crashes in California. However, the harm caused to you and your family is more than just a number or statistic. Injuries can have many impacts, such as:

  • Frequent medical procedures
  • Missed time from work
  • Caring for an injured loved one
  • Not being able to enjoy what you once did
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Learning to live with a permanent impairment

All of these losses may be covered by a car accident settlement.

The person who caused your car accident is legally responsible for paying you for the damages that you suffered. First, you must prove that they are to blame for your injuries. This requires someone who can gather evidence and explain your side of the story to an insurance adjuster or a jury. A car accident lawyer is your advocate and voice during this process.

Once you prove liability for your injuries, you need to make sure that the insurance company pays you a fair and reasonable amount for your injuries and losses. This is not going to come on its own. Oftentimes, it requires months of negotiation to get the insurance company to pay you what you deserve.

Here, you need someone who can speak the insurance company’s language, and, in some cases, litigation is the only language that they understand. An aggressive attorney could transform you from someone who the insurance company views as an easy mark to someone who they have to take seriously.

We Explain Your Legal Options

The car accident compensation process is not always straightforward. It is even more difficult to navigate when you are already dealing with serious injuries. This is why you should leave the hard work to us. Fighting for car accident victims is what we do every day.

Before you file a claim for compensation, you should know how the process works and what your case may be worth. Knowledge is power when it comes to the claims process, and we will quickly get you up to speed once you hire us to represent you.

Experienced Downey Car Accident Attorneys

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