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After bottoming out a decade ago, the rate of auto accident fatalities in San Bernardino County is on the rise yet again. This is worse than the overall safety situation in California, where fatalities have risen slightly over the second part of the last decade. There are a number of factors that make San Bernardino more dangerous than the average city:

  • There is a much higher rate of teenage driving accidents and fatalities
  • I-15 is one of the more dangerous roads in the country as many drivers either drive drunk or travel at an excessive speed
  • Three different highways in San Bernardino County are listed among the most dangerous roads in the country due to their design that features many sharp curves

How The JLF Firm Helps with Your Car Accident Claim

When someone else is to blame for your car accident injuries, you may be legally entitled to financial compensation. However, you cannot simply just assume that someone else is to blame as they may have their own side of the story or claim that you really are the one at fault. A car accident could effectively tell your side of the story and why you should receive financial compensation. At The JLF Firm, we could do the following:

  • Review the accident report
  • Gather evidence from the scene of the crash
  • Speak to witnesses and obtain their recollections
  • Reconstruct the accident with the help of experts

After you have proven liability, you must also demonstrate your damages to receive fair compensation. After a car accident, you are legally entitled to the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death damages

However, there will be two sides to the story of how much your claim is worth. There is your side, which seeks fair compensation for all that you have suffered. Then, there is the insurance company’s side of the story. This seeks to pay you a fraction of what your claim is worth as they have their own financial interests at play. You can expect that the insurance company will rely on what they think is their superior knowledge of your claim and the compensation process to try to keep you from getting what you deserve.

It is up to your lawyer to fight for you so that your story will prevail. At The JLF Firm, this is why we got into the practice of law. We work in this area of law to protect the rights of injured accident victims because we believe that everyone needs a strong advocate. We know how to stand up to the insurance companies and their lawyers, all in the name of maximizing your recovery.

Experienced San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyers

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