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The trucking industry is heavily regulated. There are rules that govern everything from load sizes to the hours that truck drivers could operate. Presumably, trucking companies would only hire drivers that meet rigorous qualification standards because otherwise, it could lead to significant legal liability.

Truck Drivers Are Often Unqualified or Undertrained

However, the reality of the situation is that trucking companies either cannot find enough drivers or they do not take the necessary care to hire and train operators. Some truck drivers either try to cut corners or cannot perform on the job. As a result, motorists and everyone else on the road are at risk.

When Truck Drivers Violate the Law

Not only do truck drivers cause accidents by speeding and driving recklessly, but the rigors of the trucking industry could also increase accident risks. Truck drivers and trucking companies could also violate laws by doing the following:

  • Not following maintenance requirements to keep trucks in proper working order
  • Overloading trucks beyond weight limits
  • Violating rules that require rest and instead driving while fatigued

When a truck driver violates any one of the many federal rules, it could be evidence of negligence. In any truck accident claim, you need to show that the driver was negligent before you could recover anything. This could involve reconstructing what happened at the scene of the accident. At The JLF Firm, we have experience in working with witnesses and experts to demonstrate who caused the crash.

After a truck accident, you may be able to sue the trucking company that employed the driver. When the truck driver gets behind the wheel to do company work, they are an agent of the trucking company. This means that anything that they do is considered to be an action of the company. This could mean access to larger insurance policies and more corporate assets. While it may not increase the size of your settlement, it could lead to more funds available to pay larger judgments.

Before you could collect a check for your injuries, you must deal with a complex legal system. While the law is the same no matter who is filing the claim, the system is not always designed to favor the individual plaintiff. Large insurance companies have almost unlimited amounts of resources that they use to try to keep the size of your check lower.

However, when someone else causes your truck accident, the law is still on your side. When you hire a truck accident attorney, you are not powerless and at the mercy of the trucker’s insurance company. You have a strong advocate who will fight for you and your legal rights.

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