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Traffic in Los Angeles County gets worse and worse each year, and more people are taking to bicycles as a means of getting around. Also, cycling as exercise and sport has increased in popularity. You will find more people both on bike paths and on the roads.

Motorists do not always follow the law that gives bicyclists the right to share the road with other vehicles. So long as they can keep up with traffic, bicyclists are allowed to be in a lane. Then, drivers must give them three feet of space when they are trying to pass. They cannot tailgate or otherwise interfere with your rights to enjoy the road as a bicyclist.

When drivers make mistakes, and you suffer injuries as a cyclist, contact a skilled Downey bicycle accident attorney right away.

How Drivers Injure Cyclists

Drivers can cause injuries to bicyclists with their negligence, and this regularly happens to cyclists in Southern California. These accidents happen for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Entering a bike lane when they are not permitted
  • Making an illegal left hand turn
  • Getting too close to the bicyclist when trying to pass
  • Hitting the biker when driving drunk or distracted
  • Opening a car door into a bicyclist when they are passing by

In addition, injured cyclists could sue Los Angeles County or the City of Downey if it was the condition of the roads or bike paths that caused the accident. Governments have an obligation to keep the road in reasonable condition, and bicyclists are more susceptible to injury due to things like potholes or ruts in the pavement. However, there are different rules for suing a government that require you to move quickly.

How Your Bike Accident Claim Works

The first part of your claim involves showing that the driver was negligent. Then, you would begin to discuss compensation for your injuries. You would make a demand based on your injuries, and the insurance company would make a settlement offer. This begins the negotiation process. You can count on there being numerous rounds of offers and counteroffers before you could reach a settlement agreement. Insurance companies do not make it easy to get what you deserve, and that is a large part of why you need an attorney for any case – even one that has a likelihood of settling.

In some cases, you may not reach a settlement agreement directly with the insurance company, and you will need to file a lawsuit in court for compensation. While very few bicycle injury cases will reach trial, we are litigators at heart and can tell your story to a jury. In the meantime, we would continue to negotiate on your behalf to try to reach a settlement without a trial. We will take the fight all the way to a jury verdict if that is what is necessary for you to get paid what you deserve.

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