Can I Sue Uber for an Accident?

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Ridesharing companies, like Lyft and Uber, are slowly replacing taxicab companies as the primary means of quick and efficient transportation around California. Both locals and visitors to the state rely upon Uber to get them where they need to go in a timely and efficient manner. However, with the increase in Uber vehicles on California roadways comes the increased likelihood of motor vehicle collisions involving these vehicles. In some instances, Uber riders suffer injuries in accidents that are caused by their own driver. At other times, however, Uber passengers are injured when another motor vehicle driver brings about a serious collision with the Uber vehicle. In those instances, the Uber driver might have been operating his/her vehicle in a completely safe and careful manner under the circumstances.

No matter the case, victims of Uber car accidents can suffer debilitating injuries that require medical treatment, rehabilitation, and therapy. Injured riders might also need to take time off work to recuperate and get the medical treatment that they need. All of this can be costly from a monetary standpoint – and in terms of time.

If you have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident that involved an Uber vehicle, a knowledgeable El Monte Uber accident attorney could help. Your lawyer may be able to file a claim with the necessary insurance company and work to get you compensated for all of your accident-related injuries.

Uber Corporate Insurance Policy

Case law surrounding ridesharing accidents is relatively new, since ridesharing vehicles themselves are a relatively new concept in today’s world. If an Uber driver causes an accident, his or her motor vehicle insurance may come into play in the event you suffered injuries as a passenger in the accident. However, at other times, the Uber corporate policy steps in.

For example, if the Uber driver has accepted a fare through the Uber app, the corporate policy is typically in place until the driver drops the fare off at his or her destination. Uber corporate policy limits must typically be $1,000,000. This coverage applies not only to personal injuries and deaths that may occur in an accident involving an Uber vehicle but also to property damage. Uber corporate policy benefits also include $1,000,000 of uninsured/underinsured motor vehicle coverage. 

If you file a claim against an Uber corporate policy, you will be dealing with their insurance company. In the event the insurance company refuses to offer you full and fair compensation for your injuries, you could elect to file a lawsuit in the court system that seeks compensable damages for your injuries.

A knowledgeable Uber accident attorney in California could assist you with filing your claim, and if necessary, filing a lawsuit in the court system. Once your lawyer files suit, he or she will litigate the case to a conclusion. While most car accident claims settle at some juncture, others must go all the way to trial. In any event, your attorney can assist with all settlement negotiations, and if necessary, file your case in the court system and litigate it to a conclusion there. Contact us today for expert legal assistance.

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