Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

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Motorcycle riding is very popular in California, and as with many enjoyable activities, there is a downside to it. For motorcycle riding, the downside is the ever-present danger of crashing. Because motorcycles have little protection, a biker and his or her passenger is likely to be seriously injured in any motorcycle accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in personal injuries or fatalities. Some of the common motorcycle accident injuries include:

  • Head Injuries. Motorcycle crashes often lead to head injuries and traumatic brain injuries. This is the reason why California Vehicle Code requires riders and their passengers must wear helmets that meet the national standard set by the federal government. Helmets are a proven means of reducing the number of motorcycle accident fatalities in general and the degree of head and brain injuries.
  •  Bone Fractures. A common accident occurs when a motorcycle tips over, pinning the driver’s leg to the ground and causing serious injury like a broken leg. In fact, broken legs are one of the most common injuries requiring hospitalization following a motorcycle accident. Moreover, wrist and arm fractures are equally common in motorcycle crashes as riders instinctively react by putting a hand out to break their falls.
  • Other Lower Body Injuries — Besides fractured or broken legs, motorcycle accidents may also cause other injuries to the lower extremities, such as shattered or fractured pelvis, feet, and knees. Wearing protective leather clothing, motorcycle boots, and knee pads can reduce the risk of such leg and lower body injuries but not eliminate the risk 100%.
  • Road Rash. Because a rider or passenger on a motorcycle is not in an enclosure like motor vehicles, riders of motorcycles often contact the road surface when the motorcycle is involved in an accident. If the rider or passenger is not wearing protective clothing such as a leather jacket and gloves, the rider or passenger is vulnerable to skin injuries commonly referred to as “road rash,” which is a type of burn and abrasion that ranges from mild to severe.
  • Muscle Damage. Motorcycle accidents may also result in muscle and soft tissue damage. A motorcycle accident can cause and lead to permanent muscle tears that require surgery and extensive rehabilitation. Never ignore pain or movement limitations following a crash and seek medical help immediately to prevent any muscle damage that you may have suffered from getting worse.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer who can inform you of your rights. If someone else caused your crash, an attorney can guide you through the process of filing a claim and obtaining compensation for your injuries.

An experienced El Monte motorcycle accident attorney will know and understand what you are going through and exactly what needs to be done to make sure you get the right compensation to take care of your medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering as provided under the law.

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