How Is Covid-19 Affecting Personal Injury Cases?

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With the world still clutched in the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential to know how the current crisis could affect your personal injury claim. As we know, the virus has caused much upheaval and uncertainty, which has spread to almost every aspect of everyday life. As the situation evolves, some changes have occurred with how personal injury cases are handled.

It might be challenging to focus on your personal injury case in these troubling times, which is why it’s beneficial to utilize a personal injury lawyer’s services. Whether you have an ongoing personal injury claim or are considering filing one, Covid-19 may or may not have an impact on the proceedings and outcome of your case.

Case Study: How Covid 19 Is Affecting the Courts in California

The coronavirus pandemic has been creating many challenges for the courts of California and many other U.S. states. When the pandemic became increasingly worrying, many Californian courts closed and were only open for the most urgent of matters.

In August 2020, the courts across the state were starting to reopen and ease measures put in place to combat Covid19. However, the virus’s resurgence and the increasing rate of infections have caused the legal system and the courts to reevaluate how to conduct trials and hearings.

These considerations are likely to lead to delays in personal injury lawsuits as they, in most cases, could be deemed non-urgent matters. However, despite courthouse closings and delayed trials and hearings, you must not postpone your case if you want to seek compensation due to the strict statute of limitations.

Three Ways in Which Your Personal Injury Case Can Be Affected

There are some ways that your personal injury claim could be affected, even if the case never needs to go to court. If you are aware of these elements, you are more likely to be prepared for your ongoing lawsuit or when you file one. 

1.    Health Care Delays and Medical Treatments Being Unavailable

With the severity of Covid-19, hospitals and care centers are prioritizing the needs of certain patients. The coronavirus has infected millions of people in California and the rest of the US, and as such, there are delays with many different medical services. Moreover, routine services such as follow-up appointments, physical therapy, and check-ups for personal injury claims are experiencing delays.

Personal injury claims often require extensive medical records and proof of treatments, so plaintiffs must continue all treatments. Many choose to delay certain treatment, such as non-emergency surgeries, and might wait until after the procedure to file a claim.

2.    Pressure To Settle Your Claim

Many of those with ongoing personal claim lawsuits experience increased pressure to settle. The pandemic has led to financial strain for most people, and this strain could lead to a plaintiff considering the insurance company’s most recent offer to settle. However, it’s crucial to remain attentive as some insurance companies might try to capitalize on the Covid situation by offering an unfair settlement amount.

3.    Insurance Coverage Issues

The Covid-19 pandemic is also affecting insurance coverage, as some people might not keep up with their premiums due to hardship. With the ongoing financial strain placed upon people, many are opting not to pay their insurance bills. Should you have been injured by someone who is behind on insurance payments, there could be no coverage claim.

On the other hand, insurance companies are required by law to continue paying valid claims despite the virus. The California Department of Insurance has recently issued a statement stating that all insurers need to continue with regular duties and processing requirements for claims per the California Insurance Code.

The pandemic is here for the foreseeable future, but it’s still critically important to stay on top of your personal injury lawsuit if you hope to gain compensation. Speak to your trusted personal injury lawyer about your claim and before agreeing to any new settlement offers.

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