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Head-on collisions always have the potential to be extremely severe, partly because vehicles are probably traveling at high speed, and partly because both vehicles have considerable momentum heading into the impact point. That can lead to serious injuries for passengers and drivers, and can even result in fatalities.

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Causes of Head-On Car Accidents

There are many potential causes of head-on collisions in traffic. Some of the most common causes encountered by our team of attorneys are described below.

Driving under the influence

Sometimes vehicle operators are unaware of how they have been impacted by alcohol, and it causes them to make mistakes while driving. Any one of these mistakes can lead to a fatal or serious head-on collision, or some other serious accident.

Distracted driving

Many drivers think they are capable of multi-tasking while driving, so they will eat food, talk on the phone, send text messages, and try to manage unruly children in the back seat. The driver should be focused on nothing but driving and the traffic situation – leave the other activities to passengers or spouses.

Excessive speeding

When drivers are going too fast for weather conditions, it can be very dangerous, because there will be a possibility of losing control of the vehicle. At high speeds, vehicles are much more difficult to manage around curves, and the rate of travel can make any accident more serious.

Driving tired

Some drivers make the mistake of driving while fatigued, thinking they can still make their destination on time. But all it takes is one moment where the driver dozes off, and all kinds of accidents become possible in traffic.

Weather conditions

When weather conditions obscure a driver’s vision in any way, it becomes much more likely that an accident will occur. Fog, heavy rain or snow, sleet, thunder and lightning – all these conditions can cause headaches for motorists, and sometimes accidents will be the result.

Injury and Fatality Risks in Head-On Crashes

In most cases, the severity of any injuries sustained by individuals in a head-on collision is a direct result of the force involved in the accident. Force is a byproduct of the speed of the two vehicles, as well as the weight of the involved vehicles.

It’s why it is usually much more dangerous to be in an accident that includes a big, heavy truck and a smaller, more fragile automobile. It is not uncommon for there to be fatalities stemming from a collision between vehicles traveling at full speed. Even if participants do survive the impact, there are likely to be life-altering injuries involved, such as permanent disability, brain damage, and possibly the amputation of limbs.

How Much is a Settlement in a Head-On Collision Case?

Any settlement in a head-on collision will depend to a great extent on the circumstances surrounding the case. A major factor in determining your settlement will be the nature of any injuries sustained, as well as their severity.

California law entitles victims to compensation for both economic and non-economic losses. The economic side of that schedule will include any lost wages as a result of the accident, medical bills incurred by passengers, and any damage to property that may have occurred.

This being the case, any settlement will also depend on the availability of liability coverage. Under the category of non-economic losses, a victim may be compensated for emotional suffering and pain, loss of lifestyle or enjoyment of life, and overall emotional distress. This general framework will be used to calculate how much you are entitled to within the context of the specific accident.

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Head-On Car Accident Case FAQs

Is it really worth my while to retain a lawyer after a car accident?

Yes, it is, in almost all cases. Many auto accidents develop into a major hassle, and without legal representation, an accident victim could easily be shortchanged or under-served.

If someone other than myself is driving my car and gets involved in an accident, can I be held liable?

California law states that the insurance follows the car, not the driver. So if your car is involved in an accident, you will be held liable for insurance coverage at some point.

How soon after an accident should I consult a lawyer?

As soon as possible. Keep in mind that anything you say to the media or to other people could be used to contradict your story, so it’s best to seek counsel immediately, and follow the advice of your lawyer.

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