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Trucks perform a valuable role in the California economy, keeping store shelves stocked and ensuring that your online purchases get to your door. However, until the time where the goods reach their final destination, the process of getting things where they need to go increases the danger on the road for drivers. If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation.

Why Trucks Increase Danger on the Road

Trucks are dangerous because they are so much bigger than other cars on the road, so much so that the average vehicle would sustain catastrophic damage in a full-speed crash with a truck. Add to the fact that these trucks are fully loaded with what could be dangerous cargo, and drivers must take extreme care when a truck is near. Unfortunately, there is only so much that a driver can do to exercise care on their own.

Trucks cause crashes for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Drivers get fatigued after long stretches behind the wheel
  • Trucks malfunction because they are improperly maintained
  • Drivers speed because they are rushing to deliver their goods on time
  • Companies put inexperienced drivers behind the wheel because they simply cannot find enough truckers

How to Prove a Truck Accident Case

When you have been injured in a truck crash, you must prove that the trucker was at fault to receive compensation. This depends on the evidence that you could gather to show what the truck driver did right before the accident. Without it, you may not be able to recover financially for your injuries because the burden of proof is on you when you file a lawsuit. This evidence could include:

  • Witness statements from people who saw the crash
  • Maintenance logs for the truck
  • Pictures from the scene of the accident
  • Data from the truck’s black box
  • Information from the trucker’s driving records
  • Citations for violating federal trucking regulations or California traffic laws

With all of this evidence, you need someone on your side who could tell your story in a way that could persuade the insurance company or a jury that the trucker was at fault. Then, your lawyer would need to help maximize your recovery by properly valuing your claim and showing how you have been affected by your injuries.

Securing fair compensation for your injuries is a process that takes work and negotiation with the insurance company. This is where you need an experienced lawyer fighting on your side. If you are settling a truck accident claim, you have one chance to get enough money, and it is vital not to accept less than the law allows. We work to protect your interests and firmly believe in your legal right to compensation when a trucker has caused your injuries.

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