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The balmy Riverside weather brings bicyclists out of their home year-round. Cycling has grown in popularity due to more bike lanes and bike shares that make it easy for everyone to ride. However, the increase in cycling has also led to a rise in serious accidents involving bicyclists. Many of these crashes are the fault of negligent drivers, and victims should speak with a Riverside bicycle accident attorney.

How Motorists Cause Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists can take every safety precaution in the world, and they are still at risk when drivers are careless or otherwise negligent. While California laws protect bicyclists, motorists do not always follow them. Here are some common causes of bike accidents:

  • Distracted driving when motorists do things such as text or eat behind the wheel
  • Following too close behind bicyclists and not giving them the required three feet of space before passing
  • Illegal turns where the driver cuts across the left hand lane or does not yield to a cyclist in the bike lane
  • Failure to give the right-of-way to a bicyclist
  • Drivers carelessly opening their car doors into bicyclists passing by them

All of the above would be examples of negligence on the part of the driver. Before you get to this point, you would need to show what happened to cause your accident. This involves gathering evidence and proving facts, and this is not easy to do after you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries. We work to fully investigate your claim so you can make a claim or file a lawsuit with more than just your word about what happened.

The Difficulties of Dealing with the Insurance Company

This is what you have to prove to be entitled to financial compensation. After the accident, you would begin the claims process with the driver’s auto insurance company. After you present information about your claim, including evidence of fault and your medical injuries, they may make you a settlement offer. However, the insurance company may try to say that the accident was your fault.

This is only part of the battle for an injured cyclist and their family. The insurance company may make a settlement offer, but it far from compensates for your injuries. Injured cyclists without an attorney may be in a hurry to accept what they have been offered. As your bicycle accident attorney, we make sure that you know what your case is worth and keep the insurance company from trying to put one over on you in the settlement.

You need a lawyer who knows how to fight for you when the time comes. We handle challenging and complex cases on behalf of injured cyclists because we are passionate about your legal rights and commit to doing whatever it takes to fight for them.

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