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Riding a bicycle can be a pleasant activity, but it can also be a risky one. Bicycle riders are only protected by their helmets, and even these can crack in the event of a serious accident. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident that occurred because someone else was negligent, you might be eligible for compensation. An experienced Pomona bicycle accident lawyer can determine if you have a case. If so, your lawyer could file an insurance claim or lawsuit on your behalf, seeking the compensation that you need for all of your bicycle accident injuries.

How Pomona Bicycle Accidents Occur

Bicycle accidents in and around Pomona are very often the result of poor driving. When a driver behaves in a negligent manner, they can cause a collision with a bicycle. Bicycle accidents also happen when drivers are intoxicated while they are behind the wheel and when drivers are distracted, such as by looking at a cell phone or tablet while they are trying to operate a vehicle.

At other times, bicycle accidents occur because of defects in the roadway, such as large potholes or cracks near construction sites. When these defects cause or contribute to a bicycle accident, the accident victim might be able to name a local government, such as a city or county, in any claim or lawsuit that is filed in the case.

In order to be successful in a bicycle accident claim or lawsuit, the accident victim has the burden of proof. Essentially, this means that the accident victim must demonstrate that someone else’s negligence resulted in the bicycle accident, and that the accident led to the accident victim’s injuries and damages.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can lead to serious injuries, which, in turn, can result in significant medical treatment and high medical bills. These injuries are especially serious if the collision knocks the cyclist off the bike and onto the road. Common bicycle accident injuries include:

If the accident victim is able to prove the legal elements of their claim, then the accident victims might be able to recover various types of damages. Those damages include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, inconvenience, and pain and suffering. The amount of these damages usually depends upon the extent of the injuries sustained, the cost of the medical treatment, and whether or not the accident victim suffered permanency.

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A Pomona personal injury attorney can review your claim with you, let you know the approximate value of your case, and help you pursue the compensation that you need by way of a personal injury settlement or lawsuit. If the at-fault person’s insurance company refuses to offer you the compensation that you need, you have the option of taking your case to a jury trial and letting the jury decide what if any damages you are entitled to recover.

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