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The National Safety Council reports that 4.5 million dog bites happen annually, with 20% of those bites causing an infection. The resulting injuries can change your or a loved one’s life, leaving lasting physical and psychological scars.

When you need to pursue justice after such an event, you can reach out to a Pomona dog bite lawyer from our team at The JLF Firm. We’re ready to go the extra mile to fight for fair compensation after you suffer a dog bite.

What a Pomona Dog Bite Lawyer From The JLF Firm Can Do for You

TV shows and movies can make representing yourself in a personal injury claim look straightforward. However, the do-it-yourself approach could actually harm your case and compensation.

After a dog bite, you now have to focus on recuperating, which can involve extensive medical treatment. It will be challenging to squeeze in time for paperwork and negotiations with the defense team or insurance company, especially if you experienced catastrophic injuries.

Our compassionate team at The JLF Firm first reviews your case for free and helps you understand your options. When you work with a Pomona dog bite lawyer from our team, you can rest assured that you will have competent legal representation during a difficult time.

Common Types of Dog Bite Incidents

You can bring a claim for various types of incidents. Common cases include:

  • Nonaggressive interactions: The animal may not have intended to cause you harm, but its actions may have still injured you. For instance, a dog could have accidentally bitten you while playing.
  • Violent attacks: If an animal intentionally attacks you, you likely have a personal injury claim against the owner. This is true whether the owner directed the attack or the animal broke free from restraint and came after you.
  • Dog fights: If two animals get into a fight and hurt you in the scuffle, you could also pursue a claim. An example might involve someone else’s dog instigating a fight with your pet and you trying to rescue it.

Remember that you can also bring a case for other types of pet attacks that injure you or a loved one, not just dogs. Promptly discuss the situation with our Pomona dog bite lawyers to start working on your case.

What To Do After a Dog Bite

Take the following steps after a dog bite or animal attack to care for your health and your personal injury claim:

  • Seek immediate medical attention, even if the injury does not seem severe.
  • Contact your local police department and file a report.
  • Whenever you can do so safely, make a record of what happened with personal notes, photos, and videos.
  • Talk to a Pomona dog bite attorney from The JLF Firm for help.

Throughout the process, we’ll help you take additional steps to strengthen your claim.

The Basis for Liability in a Dog Bite Case

California follows the standard of strict liability when it comes to dog bites. The owner is liable for any damages from bites, regardless of whether the owner knew the dog to act aggressively. While other types of animal attacks don’t necessarily have strict liability, you may still have a case.

However, trespassers do not have a valid claim, nor do people who intentionally provoke an animal. The dog owner or insurance company might try to argue either of these points in your claim, which is why working with our Pomona dog bite lawyer team can ensure you get compensation.

Typical Damages From Dog Bites

The damages from any personal injury case usually include economic and non-economic losses. Economic losses involve any expense resulting from the injury, such as:

  • Current and future medical treatment and equipment
  • Bills for long-term care
  • Lost income and benefits from being unable to work
  • Reduced earning capacity from being unable to return to the same type of employment

Non-economic damages involve your mental and emotional pain and suffering. For example, you may acquire post-traumatic stress or cynophobia, which is an overwhelming fear of dogs. These disorders can disrupt your life and merit additional compensation.

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