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Dog bites can occur on both public and private property, and when they do, victims can suffer very serious injuries and wounds. The State of California is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bite cases. This means that a dog owner is automatically liable for the injuries which the victim suffers in a dog bite attack. This is true even if the dog has never bitten anyone before and even if the dog has not exhibited any dangerous propensities in the past.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury in a dog bite attack, an experienced Pomona dog bite lawyer may be able to help. Your attorney can review the facts of the incident and determine if you may be able to pursue a case against the dog owner’s insurance company. In many instances, a homeowner’s insurance policy will cover dog bites. If the insurance company is unwilling to offer you fair compensation for your dog bite injury, your attorney could pursue civil litigation in the California state court system.

Dog Bite Injuries

When victims suffer dog bite injuries, they may require significant medical care and treatment. This is especially true with child victims and elderly victims. A dog that bites a person can puncture the skin, resulting in a gaping wound that might require stitches to fix. There might also be teeth marks on the bite victim’s skin. Moreover, the dog might knock the person to the ground in an attack, causing the person to suffer serious injuries, including broken bones or a head injury.

Damages in California Dog Bite Cases

Because the State of California is a strict liability state in dog bite cases, a bite victim does not need to prove negligence on the part of a dog owner. In other words, the bite victim does not need to show that the dog owner did something wrong in order to pursue and recover monetary compensation.

If a bite victim is successful in a claim, they might be able to pursue various forms of monetary compensation, depending upon the injury or injuries sustained in the incident. Generally speaking, the more significant the bite injuries, the higher the damages are likely to be. Potential damages in a dog bite case could include the cost of reconstructive surgeries and other medical procedures, medical treatment costs, physical therapy costs, and lost earnings if the bite victim had to miss time away from their work.

If the bite victim suffered scarring or some other type of disfigurement, they could pursue a claim for permanency. In addition, the dog bite victim may recover compensation for all of the pain, suffering, and inconvenience that they had to endure following the dog bite.

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